Knee Surgery Myths

The Human Body is supported by bones, muscles and cartilage. These three intersect with each other and make joints in human body and we stand, sit, run, and walk with the help of joints in our body. As the body starts aging, there are degenerative changes which start occurring in these joints. Also in cases of any earlier trauma to the joint, these degenerative changes in the joints are all the more evident. It shows the results on the human body in form of Pain, Swelling, Stiffness, Redness and even with range of motion. This is a very common condition called Arthritis and is affecting 1 out of every 2 individuals.Arthritis of the knee comprises the major proportions of these cases. In such conditions, a treatment protocol comprising Orthopedic advice, Physiotherapy consultations & lifestyle modifications would be a best approach to face the arthritis grunt. AXIS Multispecialty Hospital has a renowned specialized department with a multidisciplinary team dealing with such cases. It is launching a Knee & Spine Clinic from the month of April to treat such cases.

Also let us have a look at few myths which were ruling human minds till now.

  • 1. Medication is better than surgery: Normally people have conception of going for medication than having surgery. It’s good initially but in long run person suffers from severe and frequent pain and taking too much medication can harm the body and its ability to heal on its own and which can damage the tissue permanently, which only has the option for replacing the knee.
  • 2. Invasive Surgery for the body: People have a wrong notion about surgeries that they are highly invasive, but in contrary, it’s actually not, with the advancement in technology doctors are now capable of performing surgeries with minimally invasive way depending on the recovery time of the body.
  • 3. Can’t be able to perform daily activities: Surgeries have this ‘Impossible to return’ effect on people. But instead they can live their life easily and with great comfort.
  • 4. Surgeries are complicated: People usually check about the surgery on the internet, which makes them little more afraid to go for surgery at the first stance. They get many questions regarding the surgery. As a patient, it is always better to take medical consultation from the doctor.
  • 5. Need of surgery after every 5 or 6 years: This myth is very famous among all the myths. With the advancement in technology in computer science and Biomaterials, which detects the problem and surgery turns to be productive and successful , so there aren’t any chance for the knee replacement surgery which is also known as Revision Joint Replacement Surgery. The recovery depends on the age of the person and it varies to every individual.
  • 6. Obese individual can’t undergo the Surgery: Highly obese people CAN have surgery. Obesity is not a barrier in surgery, in fact it has been successful in many cases. In Obese people, the procedure is done with expertise and techniques. The recovery period is more and people even have lost weight post surgery.
  • 7. Individuals who suffer from Heart Attack and Hypertension faces problems while undergoing the knee surgery: There is No bar for surgery with individuals with these problems. Doctor run several tests which are required prior to surgery of the individual to check the possibility of the complication, if any. Outcome of surgery are positive after tests and are free of complications. In fact, surgery will be best option for these kinds of patient as brisk walking is good for the health of the heart and to live a longer life.