Bones ! We need you.

Women today are independent, they do what they like and what they wish for. Women keep working all day all night either in office or at home helping and keeping everyone happy, but they forget to take care of themselves. She should take care of herself so that she can be stronger as she has always been.


All women face less density of bone, decrease in strength and also the bone fragility.
This is called Osteoporosis. This disease literally leads the porous bone  which is compressible, like a sponge. Osteoporosis weakens the skeleton bones and makes them fragile which results in frequent fractures. This disease is also known as silent disease because one cannot feel bones weakening. If you are feeling very tired or not energized all day long then this is the right time to go and do the medical check-up. Osteoporosis is usually seen in women above thirty and above.  Your orthopaedic surgeon will be the right person to recommend you the further tests.  Experts will suggest you to do Bone Density Scan which is used to measure the Bone Mineral Density in your body.

We all hate falling ill or facing some medical problems, we can avoid them by regularly exercising, eating food which is super rich in calcium and can eat Vitamin D naturally or can consume it in the capsule form. Alcohol, smoke and caffeine may also accelerate the chances of osteoporosis in women. Osteoporosis is seen more in women than men says experts. Supplemental calcium and vitamin D are basic keys to the manage or treat osteoporosis.

Looking at what you eat will definitely help you cure osteoporosis. Correct food intake is the only key to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. If you are suffering from osteoporosis you should avoid eating salty foods because salts causes your body to lose calcium and will lead to bone loss.

You should see to it that you have lot of beans (legumes) as they contain calcium,  magnesium and fiber which will help calcium stay in your body for the longer time.  If you are a non vegetarian, you should take advantage of that. Chicken and other meat will be very healthy for your bones which has enough amount of proteins will help your  bones to be strong   and thus will lead you to be energetic the whole day. Dairy products should be consumed on regular basis to keep your bones healthy. All kind of Vitamins and Minerals play vital role in functioning of our body therefore that should be taken care of. Physical activity and good nutrition will help keep osteoporosis a mile away ! Stay fit and stay healthy!