Run Safe!

Now-a-days people are conscious about their health and make efforts to remain fit and eat healthy and balanced diet. We come across many people who take part in running Marathons every year. Running is not easy, as it needs lot of preparations and planning much before the day of the Marathon. One has to invest ample amount of time in balancing diets and workout routines as it needs strength physically and mentally too.


As running a marathon is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are so many things one should consider before participating in it.  People who run shall specifically take care of things which can boost their stamina. In order to run for some focused cause, one needs to plan way before and practice accordingly.


There are several things which can create a problem for a person while he is running which may ultimately lead to stress and even might demotivate him from undertaking any physical activity.  They can face knee ligament tears, shin sprint, Achilles tendinitis, muscle pull, ankle sprain, blisters or some temperature related issues. Runners should always keep themselves on a healthy diet, eat ample amount of protein and lessen the intake of carbohydrates, wear something they are extremely comfortable in like T-shirt and track pants, also they should be running in track shoes and use a clean napkin.


Here are few tips which tell a lot about how one can prevent injuries while running


  • Maintain flexibility – Daily stretching is essential to improve and maintain flexibility, which in turn will help improve performance and prevent injuries.
  • Include strength training in your running program – Strength training improves the body strength and overall athleticism and performance. This, in turn, reduces muscular fatigue that leads to poor stamina and injuries. A program of 2-3 strength training sessions per week would be beneficial.
  • Eat Balanced Diet and Maintain Body Hydration – One should eat food which is nutritious as well as a balanced meal. A runner should consume 3-4 litres of water in a day, drinking a glass of water every half an hour.
  • Gradually increase mileage and plan training schedule – Good aerobic activity is the foundation of your running performance. You can increase the intensity gradually by 5%- 10% every week. Training schedule can be fixed by consulting your fitness expert.
  • Examine your routine and structure of the feet – It is important for a runner to take rest. Keep 1-2 days off for your workout sessions as muscles need time to recover. Also, it is equally important to get the foot examined by an orthopedic expert or a physiotherapist, which may help you in improvising the posture. Foot type is based upon the structure of your foot and the degree of Pronation which is the normal inward rolling of your foot in running as your foot strikes the ground and transitions into pushing off. Abnormal pronation can lead to injuries.


Today, every one is aiming towards fitness regime or eating a healthy diet or even living a healthy lifestyle. It is awesome to run,  but yes be secured and safe. Happy Running!