Pain after knee replacement

Knee pain after knee replacement surgery is a precarious topic to talk about.

Pain is a serious concern for patients who are going to have total knee replacement surgery. After knee replacement surgery the patients would definitely like to know about the post effect of their life after the operation. In  how much pain they will go through, and how many opiate or medication they will have to consume. Having a prior knowledge about the post-operative pain can bring down the fear and help to manage the situation.

An easy trick when practicing pain management for total knee surgery should be: Rest, Ice, Medicate, Elevate and Repeat.

Rest- The key remedy to get relief after knee replacement. Pain, swelling, and over-activity are all related. The antidote to all three is rest.

Ice- Quick recovery healing technique reduces pain in combination with proper medication. It helps in pain management and a natural way to keep away from unpleasant physical sensation.

Medication- Pain medication will step towards betterment. Even after Weeks of operations, you may still need to gulp a bundles of pain pills even though you are getting back to normal activities. This is the fact that especially at night the pain tends to become grave.

Elevate the legs, higher than the hips. A proper posture will lessen the amount of pain.

Don’t forget to repeat the steps to get rid of the pain after knee replacement.It makes sense that the leg would still hurt months and even years after a Total Knee Replacement. As getting the bones in the leg cut off and replaced with plastic and metal. That can’t feel good!

It is to be noted that many a time’s pain can persist in one form or the other for more than a weeks. But hold on, pre-operative patients, it’s quite normal. Initially when, sharp pain has subsided, it gets replaced with a severe pain. This second type of pain will still need to be treated. In addition, physical therapy may cause some pain in the joints.

Total knee replacement (TKR) till date is the most successful surgeries developed over the past century and has enriched the quality of life for large number of people.