5 ways to find exercise where there is none!

  • We live in a time where smart phones and other technologies rule our schedules. We are addicted to the convenience these technologies give us; we are comfortable taking an escalator than stairs, love to take a cab than to walk the short distance. In this kind of rut we forget to have some physical activity to keep our body fit and healthy.
  • Exercise helps to cure us miraculously. Whatever your age, physical activity helps you to attain a healthier life. With the help of regular exercising, we can keep ourselves away from many chronic diseases like diabetes, cancers, stroke, etc.
  • But there are times our schedule takes a toll on us and exercising is just not possible. Here we have some hacks where you can exercise even while caught up in your busy schedule.
  • 1. Walk – There are times where your client or colleague makes you wait for a meeting. Instead of checking your phone and other notifications while standing or sitting, you can walk. That short walk from one corner to another multiple times will surely help your legs to stretch and you will have some leg movement in the day.
  • 2. Chair exercises – While searching beauty hacks on the internet you can surely look up to some toning exercises that you can do on the chair while sitting. This will help to avoid frozen shoulders and other joint issues. You will be able to build strength and tone while sitting also.
  • 3. Do your own work – If you have a file to be given in the next cabin or in a department that is on another floor, consider doing it yourself than calling a bellboy. This will give you the relief from your chair for a while and will help your legs to stretch. Sitting for long hours can give lower back issues.
  • 4. Only stairs – Taking stairs is the best choice you can make to get some exercise in the day. You tend to burn more calories while climbing stairs.
  • 5. Be more polite – Studies say that little act of kindness like opening door for someone or approaching people when they are talking to you or pulling chair for your friend burns calories. The calories burned through these little activities add up!
    So, opt for these alternatives and you might see a difference in you. You can also take some time out from your busy schedule and do exercise at least for 30 minutes. Stay healthy!