Don’t let pain rust your back

  • Studies say that almost 80% of the world population endures severe back pain; prolong back pains can lead to further other severe problems. It is also noticed that especially the lower back area suffers a lot. We do question ourselves about the occurrence of such kind of pain. This is because most of us have a bad posture while sitting, standing, leaning, etc.

We are listing down 4 causes of severe back pain:

  • 1. Faulty posture: – Our lower back’s correct position is slight forward curve which is known as lordosis. The lordosis straightens or reverses itself, the moment you sit slouched. The moment your body losses the forward curve due to incorrect sitting; your spine faces an increased pressure on the little discs in lower back. This augmented pressure can displace your discs and cause you severe back pain.
  • You can consult physical therapists to improve your posture.
  • 2. Lifting heavy weight: – If you are in a profession that demands heavy lifting, this can create a lot of tension in your spinal cord. The stress can cause severe muscle pulls ultimately increasing pressure in your vertebral discs. This can also happen if you are lifting weights in a wrong way while at the gym. In both the cases you need to learn to lift properly to prevent and control the pain.
  • 3. Repeated forward bending: – You can face lower back pain issues if you are spending a lot of time bending forward. This may lead to increase in pressure on your spine. You can bend properly at your knees to avoid pressure off of your spine.
  • 4. No Physical activity: – There are many instances where trauma can cause your lower back pain. A car accident, trauma during any sports event, can cause lower back muscle strains. A regular visit at the physiotherapist can help you recover the trauma.

There are a few exercises that help you get rid of lower back pain. We have listed down here.

  • You can always opt for all the stretching exercises. This helps to improve your hip rotation range.
  • 1. Windshield wipers: – Lay on your back on a yoga mat with both your knees bent. Next, spread your feet and let one knee fall on the opposite foot. Repeat this on each side. If you experience a pinching type of pain, stop and consult a doctor.
  • 2. Hip Drivers: – Choose your favourite wall in the house, stand both hands against the wall. Place your left foot facing the wall. Next, take your right leg and bring it up toward your left hand that is on the wall. This exercise will help your hip rotation. Repeat this exercise 5 times on both the side.
  • 3. Bird Dog: – On your yoga mat, position yourself on hands and knees, tighten your core and kick your left leg out. Repeat this on the other side.
    Take up these exercises and do it regularly. This will correct your posture and relieve you from all the back pain issues. It is also advisable to consult a physiotherapist if you suffer severe back ache. Try to be active for at least 30 minutes a day and you will be able to keep most of the diseases or pain out of your system. Stay healthy!