Nourish your Spine!

We do lot of work mentally as well as physically, but have you noticed that sometimes we feel lethargic or unfit to work because of lower back pain. Studies say that 80% of adults today face the severe back pain. There are several things which can cause your spine to ache, but we do not bother to diagnose the problem right in time, before it becomes severe.
Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2010 estimated that low back pain is amongst the top ten DALYs (disability-adjusted life years) causing diseases and injuries. These injuries are  severe muscular strains, ligament sprains and joint dysfunction, particularly when pain arises suddenly during or by artificially loading stress on  spine. Degenerative disk disease, Lumbar spinal stenosis, fractures, herniated disk, osteoarthritis are few of the reasons one can face spine aches. There are few things which can help reduce your lower back pain. These things will help reduce the pain and can also help in enhancing your body posture.

Sleep is something which we all love, but people facing lower back pain may not get the sound sleep and hence they can sleep on a side, keeping a pillow in between their knees. This will keep your spine in neutral position and will help reduce pain. Our grandma’s rule was always correct ! She use to make us sit straight while sitting on the chair keeping our shoulders straight. You should not sit idle if you have a back pain, this will even worsen it. Instead, you should keep moving and continue doing your routine work so that your muscles wont be stiff. The ultimate remedy for any kind of muscle pain is to give ice and heat packs. Timely application of ice and heat to the injured areas may help lessen the inflammation from an injury. Many of the doctors suggest Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, in which mild electric pulses  are delivered to the nerves to block receiving signals. It will sound little strange to book a psychologist to cure a back pain, but studies prove that cognitive behavioural therapy is very effective for curing chronic back pain.

Opting for medicines is not always a good choice, well in that case physiotherapy will do wonders. Not all back pain is same, so do the treatments. Manual therapy, including spinal manipulation usually improves internal mobility of muscles. Isolation, sand therapy, traction, range of motion exercises are few treatments which may contribute to reduce your back stress. The ultimate resort is to go for surgery , with the consultation of the best orthopaedic surgeon or a medical expert. Some of the common surgeries are Decompression Spine Surgery and Correction of herniated disc which are seen in the patients. . Instead it is better to take care and be strong like a spine!